Benefits of Replacing Your Commercial Roof in Brevard County

If you own a commercial building, replacing the roof can be a significant undertaking. It may, however, be necessary for some circumstances. For example, if a hurricane has damaged the roof, the damage may be severe enough to necessitate a complete replacement rather than just repairs. There are additional advantages to replacing the roof on your commercial building as the building owner. 

Enhanced Safety 

When you replace your roof, it’s a great time to check for any roof safety issues and ensure all issues are taken care of. Even if your commercial roof had no major safety issues, the roofing industry as a whole has made strides in improving roof safety over time, just as roofing materials have improved. A properly installed new roof can take advantage of new knowledge and technology to improve safety for everyone working in your commercial building. 

Before replacing your commercial building’s roof, it’s a good idea to have it inspected. That way, you’ll know if any safety concerns need to be addressed while replacing the roof. 

Increased Durability

Depending on the material used, roofs can last for a long time. Roofing materials have likely improved significantly between the last roof installation and now. As a result, newer materials may have a longer lifespan than older materials. Furthermore, a newly installed roof would have a longer expected lifespan than an older roof. A new roof hasn’t had as much wear and tear as an older roof, so that it may be more resistant to storm damage. 

Improved Storm Resistance

Hurricanes strike Florida and other states regularly; any structure in the area must withstand strong winds and rain. A new roof may be more durable because it is made of new materials and because it has not been subjected to the same wear and tear as your old commercial roof. The new gaskets and flashing joists installed with a new roof replacement can better create a water-tight seal against any water intrusion into your commercial building. 

Lowered Energy Costs

Newer roofs are more energy-efficient than older roofs due to advancements in roofing installation techniques and materials. The cost savings associated with energy efficiency will benefit you if you replace the roof on your commercial building. When a building is more energy-efficient, whether commercial or residential, the HVAC unit does not have to work as hard to heat or cool it. This means that a new commercial roof will reduce the building’s heating and cooling costs.

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