6 Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Commercial Roof

A commercial building’s roof, like that of a residential building, plays an essential role in weather protection. Tree branches, leaves, and other debris are kept out of the building by the roof. It keeps rain from getting inside and can even shield your business from the sun, lowering your energy costs by deflecting heat away from the structure. Here are 6 warning signs to see if it’s time to replace your business’s commercial roof.

Sign #1: Storm or wind damage has occurred. 

After a storm, it’s critical to assess the roof’s condition. This is especially important in Brevard County, where hurricanes rage every year, wreaking havoc on buildings and trees. 

If a storm hits a commercial building, larger debris, such as tree branches, is more likely to land on the roof and cause damage. A roof can also be damaged by wind, mainly if the storm is a hurricane. Seams can separate in the wind if not sealed properly. Furthermore, where the roof connects to the flashing, wind can cause damage.

If one does not repair the roof damage, it can lead to costly water damage inside the business. Water leaking through cracks or holes in the roof could cause damage to the building’s interior and any assets the company has. 

Sign #2: There are some low points. 

Low spots on a flat commercial roof can indicate that it’s time to replace the roof. Water can collect in low spots on the roof, forming puddles. As a result, inspecting a commercial roof for low spots right after it rains is a good idea. The puddles make such areas more visible. If you notice puddles, which indicate low spots, the first step is to inspect the roof drains to ensure that water can drain properly. Then, contact a professional roofing company to inspect the commercial roof’s structural integrity. 

Sign #3: Dry rot is present. 

When water pools at the top of the roof, it causes dry rot, also known as roof rot. Standing water eats away at the roof’s materials over time, causing dry rot. If dry rot is not addressed as soon as possible, dry rot may jeopardize the roof’s structural integrity. When dry rot is visible on a commercial roof, it’s critical to replace it as soon as possible. 

Sign #4: The roof has holes in it. 

A hole of any kind on the roof is another sign that it’s time to replace a commercial roof. There may be actual holes in the roof depending on the material used, but some roofs show cracks or tears in the roofing material. Water can leak into the building below if the roofing material has been compromised for any reason, whether it was due to a storm or during the installation of an HVAC unit on top of the roof. 

Sign #5: The flashing or pitch pans have been damaged. 

Water is directed away from any roof protrusions by flashing and pitch pans. Water could leak into the building if these roofing features are damaged. Water damage can be costly to repair and harm a business by destroying necessary paperwork, electronics, or products. Other roof parts may need to be replaced if the flashing or pitch pans are damaged or worn enough to allow water leaks. 

Sign #6: Bubbling is occurring on the roof.

If your commercial roof consists of membrane-style material, bubbling could mean it’s time to replace it. If moisture gets trapped beneath the membrane, it causes bubbling. Moisture can damage the roofing material beneath the membrane, so it’s critical to deal with it as soon as possible.

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